Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet You can rewind the "clock" of your life with your diet.

Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet

Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet

You can rewind the "clock" of your life with your diet.

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Is the reversal of cellular aging Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated with lifestyle changes due to the plant-based diet, the exercise or just to the associated weight loss?

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Make sure you say the prequel to this video, Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging? ( And for background on this area of research in Research Into Reversing Aging (

I’ve asked this diet versus exercise question in a few other contexts. See: Arteries of Vegans vs. Runners ( Is It the Diet, the Exercise, or Both? ( How Much Exercise to Sustain Weight Loss? (

Though dietary change appears more impactful, I’m a big fan of walking. See Longer Life Within Walking Distance ( and for my personal favorite exercise, Standing Up for Your Health (

For more on the role saturated fat may play in disease, see, for example, my videos Heart Disease Starts in Childhood ( and Treating Multiple Sclerosis with the Swank MS Diet (

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