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Healthy lifestyle

Low-Salt Diet Not Best For You? - Dr. McDougall

Humans are natural salt seekers. Salt tastes good to us, and there is good reason for this. The emphasis on very low-salt diets is misguided.

2018. November 27.

Healing from Fibromyalgia


A Chalange for those Who Live with Fibromyalgia

2018. November 15.

Success stories

Remarkable Recovery On Plant Based Diet! Dr Neal Barnard

Remarkable Recovery on Endometriosis

2018. November 14.

Healing from Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Doctor’s Astonishing Recovery From Multiple Sclerosis On Plant Based Diet!

What would you do if you got an incurable life altering disease? What if you were told you'd be in a wheelchair in 10-15 years? This is exactly what happened to a young medical doctor, Dr Saray Stancic, at just 28 years of age...

2018. November 08.

Healthy lifestyle


Dr. McDougall's full talk comparing the variety of diet styles promoted today, and why adopting a starch-based diet is the most conservative, least risky - and generally most beneficial approach to treat most common conditions.

2018. November 06.

Healthy lifestyle

The Perils of Dairy

John McDougall MD discusses what dairy products have going for them. They are a great source of nutrition -- for getting fat and growing tumors! This is Dr. McDougall's presentation from the 2005 Healthy Lifestyle Expo. More info and talks available

2018. November 06.