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Healing from Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Doctor’s Astonishing Recovery From Multiple Sclerosis On Plant Based Diet!

What would you do if you got an incurable life altering disease? What if you were told you'd be in a wheelchair in 10-15 years? This is exactly what happened to a young medical doctor, Dr Saray Stancic, at just 28 years of age...

2018. November 08.

Healing from Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Saray Stancic: Reversing Multiple Sclerosis and Running a Marathon

"The years that followed this life-altering diagnosis were riddled with pain, suffering and plenty of fear..." However, "her "Aha" moment that altered the course of her life, brought her healing,"

2018. November 06.

Healthy lifestyle

Telomeres - Cap It All Off with Diet

Is the reversal of cellular aging Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated with lifestyle changes due to the plant-based diet, the exercise or just to the associated weight loss?

2018. November 04.


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