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Healthy lifestyle

Medical School Announcement About PlantPure Nation

This special journey to Cincinnati gives us a glimpse into a different future.

2018. December 11.

Healing from Fibromyalgia


If it wasn't for FIBROMYALGIA then I would probably still be eating the western diet and getting my body ready for all kinds of trouble.

2018. November 16.

Healthy lifestyle

Defeating Disease, with Author Brenda Davis

Using plant foods to protect against cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses

2018. November 14.

Success stories

Remarkable Recovery On Plant Based Diet! Dr Neal Barnard

Remarkable Recovery on Endometriosis

2018. November 14.

Healing from Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Doctor’s Astonishing Recovery From Multiple Sclerosis On Plant Based Diet!

What would you do if you got an incurable life altering disease? What if you were told you'd be in a wheelchair in 10-15 years? This is exactly what happened to a young medical doctor, Dr Saray Stancic, at just 28 years of age...

2018. November 08.

Healthy lifestyle

Dr Neal Barnard Discusses 'Grain Brain' & Alzheimer's

In this audio excerpt Dr Neal Barnard discusses the book ‘Grain Brain’ Are diets high in animal protein and fats really healthy? Should we be eating paleo/ stoneage diets? Are carbohydrates unhealthy? In this video Dr Barnard answers those questions.

2018. November 07.

Healing from Cancer

Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- Cause Cancer

Animal protein is one of the most potent carcinogens people are exposed to

2018. November 06.

Healthy lifestyle

Lifestyle Changes May Lengthen Telomeres

Lifestyle changes -- changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support -- can result in longer telomeres.

2018. November 05.

Healing from Type 2 Diabetes

Marc Ramirez: No More Diabetes

Marc is a former collegiate athlete that had the freedom to eat what every he wanted when he was younger...

2018. November 05.